Sea Harvest established its deep sea trawling operations in Saldanha Bay in 1964 – the result of the Spanish-owned company, Pescanova, joining forces with Southern Sea Fishing Enterprises and Imperial Cold Storage (ICS). Today, Sea Harvest is one of the largest vertically integrated producers of Cape Hake in South Africa, creating direct employment for more than 3000 people, adding value to natural marine resources while harvesting responsibly, supporting local communities and contributing to the South African economy. Sea Harvest believes in sustainable employment by ensuring that maximum beneficiation of the precious natural resource takes place in South Africa. This also generates the maximum return domestically.

Sea Harvest owns a fleet of single and twin fresh fish trawlers, in-shore trawlers and factory freezer trawlers. Sea Harvest’s fresh fish processing plants in Saldanha and Mossel Bay are built on deep-water quays. This enables the trawlers to tie up alongside and speedily off-load into the factory, essentially becoming part of the production line.

Sea Harvest believes in sustainable employment by ensuring that maximum beneficiation of the precious natural resource takes place in South Africa. This also generates the maximum return domestically.

Sea Harvest is a Level 2 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) contributor and one of the largest empowered companies in its sector. The majority shareholder is Brimstone Investment Corporation Limited, while the other shareholders are Sea Harvest management and staff. Brimstone Investments, a black owned Cape-Based investment consortium, first took ownership of Sea Harvest in 2008. In 2016, Brimstone increased their share in the company to over 85%.

Sea Harvest retail products are distributed to all the major local supermarket chains in South Africa and can be bought in more than 2,000 stores countrywide. Moreover, Sea Harvest supplies products to over 20 different countries. The company is also one of South Africa’s leading importers and distributors of frozen seafood to the catering and hospitality industry. Sea Harvest offers its own brand of Cape Hake products and has been packing for leading international brands since its inception in 1964. The company’s strategy has always been to align itself with the leading brands and role players in the market.

Sea Harvest International

Sea Harvest International represents all of the Sea Harvest Group’s internationally acquired businesses. The first of these businesses is Marreterram Limited, a vertically integrated agri-business listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Sea Harvest purchased a 56% controlling share in Mareterram in 2016.

Marreterram Foods

Marreterram owns a fleet of ten prawn trawlers and is the largest license holder in the Western Australian Shark Bay Prawn Fishery in the Gascoyne region of Western Australia., catching and processing wild caught King and Tiger Prawns as well as scallops. The fishery has been in existence since 1962 and recently received the Marine Stewardship Council certification as a sustainable fishery.

To visit the Mareterram website click through here: Marreterram Limited.

Seavuna Fishing Company

Seavuna Fishing is a deep sea and inshore trawling company based in Mossel Bay, on the southern coast of South Africa. Seavuna is a vertically integrated fishing company and owns all of its vessels and processing facilities. Sea Harvest Holdings owns a 49% stake of Seavuna.

Cape Harvest Foods

Cape Harvest Foods was established to represent Sea Harvest’s food businesses which include other brands besides Sea Harvest branded seafood products. Cape Harvest currently operates as an agent for two international brands, Findus, one of Europe’s largest frozen food brands, as well as Quorn, a vegetarian meat replacement brand from the UK. Cape Harvest has also begun opening a chain of independent Sea Harvest branded factory and retail outlets.


Findus is the leading frozen food manufacturer in the Nordic region with market leadership in each of the frozen ready meals, fish and vegetables segments in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Owned by a leading European food company, Nomad Foods, Findus has a robust presence in both the UK and the rest of Europe.

Findus is by no means new to Sea Harvest. Sea Harvest have been exporting fish to Findus for more than ten years. It was inevitable, because of the joint expertise in the frozen foods industry and the synergies enjoyed that this would lead to both identifying further business growth opportunities. Findus has a wide range of frozen vegetable SKUs in South Africa which include Swedish Peas, Carrots, Mixed Vegetables and Stir-Fries.

Findus has points of difference in product quality with an emphasis which is based primarily on taste, food safety and agricultural sustainability.

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Quorn, owned by UK based Marlow foods, is the world’s leading brand of healthy, sustainable and delicious meat-free alternatives. Quorn produces an extensive range of meat-free alternatives – from mince to chicken pieces – that taste remarkably like meat.

There is a definite trend in the South African market towards meat-free products with a rise in vegetarians and vegans. Quorn is a very low in fat and a healthy option and also appeals to the health conscious food lovers and weight-watchers.

The secret? An ingenious microorganism, called Mycoprotein – found at the heart of all Quorn products. Mycoprotein is a healthy vegetarian protein that is an excellent source of dietary fibre, is low in fat and saturates and contains no cholesterol or trans-fats. It also adds an unparalleled "meat like" texture to food without the use of soy. This progressive new product is unique to any other meat-free, high-protein ingredients currently available.

This iconic food brand is the leading meat alternative brand in 13 international markets including the UK, USA and Australia.

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